You may not know the metallurgist by the name of Jim Humble but you have probably Chlorine Dioxide is Powerful Stuff...heard of his great discovery: the miracle mineral supplement – or better known as chlordioxid mms. So this supplement has been on the market for some time, it is used for getting rid of various viruses and bacteria, plus it helps to stop these microorganisms from mutating. Mutation makes bacteria and viruses invulnerable to a certain kind of drug, but with the miracle mineral supplement, you won’t get any of these. So today, we are going to discuss the various conditions which the miracle mineral supplement can treat. These include chronic and acute conditions but you may want to take note of the different protocols that rule for these ones.

Let’s go for acute conditions first. Malaria is a sporadic acute condition which is common in heavily populated cities and towns especially in the tropics. Doctors who recommend it to their patients order a dose of 15 drops initially and a follow-up dose of 15 drops every two hours until malarial symptoms subside.

You may want to note as well that if you suffer from a spur-of-the-moment acute condition like malaria, food poisoning or a snake bite, not many patients experience a bout of nausea during these conditions compared to those who suffer from chronic ones. The power of the chlordioxid mms product really worth looking into – a LOT more versatile than you may think! Check out also for a little more about this If you are suffering from any chronic condition, you may want to slow things down a little bit and maintain a maximum of just 15 drops of the miracle mineral supplement three times a day. Of course this prescription may sound easier said than done for most people but hey, at least you get to try right? You may be able of experience some reactions that may bring you a little bit of discomfort some time during the program. You won’t experience any side effects during the beginning stages of the treatment course of course. Learn more about this chlorine dioxide molecule

For sinus inflammation and infection, you may want to breathe in some of those prepared chlorine dioxide team which is especially made from the chlordioxid mms. You can make this mixture at home by yourself by mixing one drop of MMS to citric acid, five drops. The said mixture is tested and proven to be very effective in the treatment of sinusitis in the long run.